Gravity Forms + Recurly

Gravity Forms + Recurly

Just a quick update to let you know that if you use Recurly for payments, and Gravity Forms for.. forms.. , you can now take payments with Recurly in Gravity Forms using my add-on! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Grab this repo: and install any dependencies, and you should be good to go! I haven’t really got much time… Read more »

How to search WordPress users’ first name and last name

MySql WordPress query

Finally! Here’s a way of accurately searching by first name and last name – and it works! I created this to solve a client solution, and wanted to share this snippet of code to save you some time. The below code assumes that we want to search users in the ‘agent’ user level by first_name… Read more »

WP-API V2 tips


WP-API, if you haven’t already heard of it, is an excellent JSON API plugin for WordPress, which (as the name suggests) allows a site’s content to be selectively exposed in handy JSON format, for whichever uses you like. Recently, BAY.A have been using V2 of this API, which comes with some changes. Here, we’ll outline some… Read more »

Free WordPress email plugin.. coming soon! + DigitalOcean Project coverage!


This blog post isn’t a “how-to”, sorry – rather, it’s an announcement of some news: 1) Coming soon, BAY.A will release a free WordPress plugin for WordPress emails (more to be revealed). This should be available on the plugins section, as well as here. 2) Lloyd’s plugin, Gravity Forms + DigitalOcean is now featured on… Read more »

Advanced Gravity Forms: UK addresses

UK Counties

Gravity Forms is great. It does everything I need for form-related stuff on websites, but doesn’t have UK address formats and counties added by default. Look here: The only options for the Address field are International, United States and Canada. This is a pain, as I am from the UK and most of my clients want… Read more »

Gravity Forms and DigitalOcean

We host our own clients, and, if you’re like us, you’ll want to be able to do so in a discreet, unbranded manner.   If you use DigitalOcean for this, you’re in luck! Gravity Forms + DigitalOcean is a new WordPress plugin that creates your client’s droplet once they’ve successfully submitted a Gravity Form. This… Read more »

How to embed a gravity form with php

  This page used to be a guide teaching you how to embed a Gravity Form with PHP. Very recently, Gravity Forms (finally!) added the ability to ‘nicely’ echo the form with PHP, so the guide is no longer needed. Just so you know how, to echo a Gravity Form with PHP, you can now… Read more »

Advanced Gravity Forms: Custom Gravity Forms notification emails

When a customer interacts with our site in any way, we get a notification email generated by our gravity form, which looks like this: You’ll notice that unlike the default Gravity Forms notification, we’ve “branded” this to our site. Branded gravity forms notification emails are useful for a number of reasons, especially as notification emails… Read more »

WordPress tips & tricks

Welcome to BAY.A and the blog. I’ll be writing posts aimed at WordPress developers, featuring tips & tricks that I use on sites we’ve made, and real-life case studies/examples of them in action! The first post will go live soon. If you like it, share it! Some of the solutions I’m sharing took a long… Read more »