SEO That Works

SEO That Works


SEO That Works is a premium business training course for SEO professionals; its creator, Brian Dean, required:

  • A secure membership site
  • A reliable payment portal
  • The ability to query members’ statuses
  • The ability to add rich content
  • A site in-keeping with his existing branding

Using this information, BAY.A provided a solution that is scalable for the future.


The colours for SEO That Works were guided by Brian’s existing site, Backlinko. As SEO That Works is a related brand, we had some freedom with the palette, but worked within this constraint.

The resultant colours are minimalist, whilst conveying the brand.


For headings, we used Google’s Source Sans Pro typeface, which is clean and sans-serif, allowing good readability and not looking garish when used at a larger size.

For the body font, we used Georgia. This was both because Backlinko uses this body font (brand consistency) and because it is a websafe font, meaning that it works on most computers wanting to view the site.


The site was built responsively “from the ground up”, as it was intended to be accessible to members across a variety of devices.


Built on WordPress, using a heavily modified version of a popular membership plugin, SEO That Works’ sales process is entirely catered for from start to finish.

Payments are entered into a Gravity Forms form, which, upon successful payment, creates the member a profile and allows them access to the site. This profile is integrated with the modified membership plugin so that their billing cycle (if applicable) & profile access level match up, and they may view content accordingly.

All payments trigger appropriate notifications so that (for example) a failed payment lets Brian know, the site know, and most importantly the member know – as soon as it occurs – so that they can re-pay and continue access.

Check out the site here!